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Looking for Ways to Save on Your Prescription Drugs?

The following is information about the Registry and what it can do to help you save money on your prescriptions.

1. The Prescription Drug Retail Price Registry is a listing of the 150 most prescribed prescription drugs and how much they cost at different pharmacies throughout New Jersey.

2. Most people don’t realize that different pharmacies charge different prices for the same exact drug and the Registry could help you save.

3. With the Registry you can easily compare prices in your area using the website or an 800 number. You will need a list of the drugs you take and the dosage. You can search for the best price right in your area using your zip code or address.

4. The Registry is available to everyone in New Jersey regardless of income or age.

5. 1.3 million people in New Jersey have no health insurance and who must pay full price for their prescriptions. Many others are underinsured or struggling to pay for the high cost of their drugs. The Registry could help them save a significant amount every month.

6. The prices on the Registry are updated weekly so they should be accurate, but consumers should remember that they are still subject to change.

7. These are retail prices only. If you have insurance or co-pays, the price you pay could be different from the retail price listed.

8. Tell your friends and family! Print our free brochure!

The Prescription Drug Retail Price Registry is available online and in English or Spanish via the toll-free hotline at 1-800-242-5846.

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Go to the Registry in English

Aquí Para Español

Download a Brochure in PDF format (English)

Download a Brochure in PDF format (Spanish)

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