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AARP Coronavirus Tele-Town Halls

Experts answer your questions related to COVID-19

Coronavirus: Vaccines, Variants and Coping

Listen to a replay of the live Q&A event above.

Experts will answer your questions and provide the latest information on COVID-19 vaccines, as well as how to prioritize mental wellness and maintain social connections during the pandemic.

The experts:

  • Rekha Rapaka, M.D., Ph.D.
    Assistant Professor of Medicine,
    Center for Vaccine Development, Division of Infectious Diseases,
    University of Maryland

  • Samantha Farro, Ph.D.
    Licensed psychologist,
    University of Colorado
    Anschutz Medical Campus Multidisciplinary Center on Aging

  • Nancy LeaMond
    Executive Vice President,
    Chief Advocacy and Engagement Officer, AARP


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