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Beat Cancer Boot Camp

For health, strength and life

“Fall in…get down and give me 50…pick up those knees!”

These grueling commands are typically reserved for only Army cadets… but cancer patients? Well if you’re part of the Beat Cancer Boot Camp you know it’s all for your own good.

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Meet Anita Kellman. Compassionate mom and medical professional by day…hardened drill sergeant and fitness guru by night. Several years ago she began hosting therapy workouts for several of her cancer patients. Now a national program, her military-style fitness regime provides a healthy mix of exercise and psycho-social support…both believed to improve patient well-being and attitude.

“I met the women that had experienced the same cancer I had,” says one of Kellman’s troops preparing to undergo her first round of treatment. “I was able to talk to them and know what to expect.”

My Generation’s Andy Field headed to Tucson, Arizona where this hard-edged training course is improving the lives of cancer patients.

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