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Doctor giving a man an ear exam

Is Hearing Loss Another Unusual Symptom of COVID-19?

Doctors explore possible virus connection, also link hearing problems to masks


Hearing Conditions

A woman places her fingers near her ear as she suffers discomfort from tinnitus

Tips for Living With Tinnitus

'Volume Control' author learns to cope with the constant ear-ringing, and hopes for a cure

Singer Huey Lewis standing nearby San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge on a foggy day

Huey Lewis' Hearing Loss

Hitmaker with Ménière's disease suggests that his new album may be his last

Hearing Aids and Help

a woman uses a see-through face mask designed for deaf or hard of hearing people

When Face Masks Interfere With Your Hearing

Experts offer tips for handling communication challenges for those with hearing loss

Woman points to man wearing aid

How to Convince Someone to Wear a Hearing Aid

Some persuasive arguments to use when a loved one needs one but is reluctant

Audiophone modern high technology deafness equipment in the ear digital hearing aid closeup isolated.

FTC Warns of ‘Deceptive’ COVID-19 Hearing Aid Promos

Chains say they have ceased COVID-stimulus relief ads to buy hearing aids

Man wearing a hearing aid

Help! My Face Mask Is Getting in the Way of My Hearing Aid

An audiologist offers advice on wearing both during the pandemic

Closeup of Hearing Aid in Man's Ear

Top 5 Problems With Hearing Aids

Get tips on dealing with common issues, from feedback to earwax buildup

Your Hearing Life

Doctor holding a pair of headphones for a hearing test.

Untreated Hearing Loss May Raise Risk of More Health Issues   

New report finds an association with higher rates of dementia, depression and hospitalization

Video: How to Care for Your Hearing Aid

Watch and learn about easy things you can do to keep your device working well

Ear exam

Do You Have Hidden Hearing Loss?

Long exposure to even low-level noise may cause this underdiagnosed disorder

Celebrities with Hearing Loss

Famous People With Hearing Loss

These celebrities — and the causes of their hearing problems — may surprise you

Irene Taylor Brodsky, Tahria Sheather, Jonas Brodsky, Paul Taylor and Sally Taylor from 'Moonlight Sonata: Deafness in Three Movements' pose for a portrait in the Pizza Hut Lounge in Park City, Utah on January 26, 2019 in Park City, Utah.

'Moonlight Sonata' Director on Deafness, Dementia and Hope

Documentary reveals her deaf son's triumph and her deaf dad's Alzheimer's challenges

mature woman wearing new hair aid

Hearing Loss is America’s Silent Epidemic

The impact is being felt as many older adults are reluctant to get their hearing checked

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