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Staying Sharp: Brain Health Vitality

Staying Sharp facts to keep your brain happy


You're ready to move your way to more brainpower. Regular workouts, both aerobic and strength training, enhance brain function. No need to run marathons to help grow, repair, and maintain brain cells! A consistent workout regimen = a healthy brain.


You're on the road to discovery, a clear path to helping strengthen your brain. Maybe you're learning a second language, a new dance step, how to cook Mediterranean, or conquer the latest software.  Whatever the new skill, it's helping your brain work better. Go for it!


Need for relaxation is a no-brainer when it comes to brain health. But more rest isn't the only solution to relax the mind. Try yoga, Tai Chi, or meditation to reduce stress and anxiety. And don't forget to laugh! Even a few minutes a day can help relieve stress.


Ready to cook your way to better brain health? Stay away from foods high in saturated fat (such as beef and cheese). These types of foods can lead to memory loss and cognitive decline. Try a brain healthy diet high in monounsaturated fats (like olive oil and avocados) to keep your brain healthy! 


Who knew that interacting with friends had such a positive impact on brain health? Boost your immune system, help preserve cognitive abilities, and decrease your stress level by seeing a movie with friends, having a girl's game night in, or joining a book club. As if you needed an excuse!

Ready to take control of your brain health? Take Staying Sharp's assessment today for the first steps toward a stronger healthier brain. With a paid subscription of $35.99 per year, you’ll receive personalized assessment results, access to premium games, recipes and much more!

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