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Priscilla Davis: A Woman of Many Words

As a child, Priscilla Davis may not have been the most talkative of types. She was a little bit more reserved—at times opting for a less conspicuous route and preferring to spend more time observing and only asking questions if needed. That, alongside a career in corporate America and an early introduction to volunteerism, eventually helped pave the road to her success.

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For the past five years, Priscilla Davis of Jacksonville has been one of many members of AARP’s speaker’s bureau that serve the Florida community. As an advocacy trainer—along with a team of volunteers from across the state, Davis makes several presentations annually to newly recruited advocacy volunteers. She also works as an AARP legislative advocate and visits both local and state representatives, as well as her member of Congress to present AARP’s legislative priorities.

“It is a wonderful opportunity to educate the public as well as individuals about important issues or topics,” says Davis. “AARP and I totally agree that everyone needs to be well-informed so that they can make the right choices or decisions that may impact their lives.”

“As a volunteer member of the speaker’s bureau, you are in a position to share your knowledge and experience about a specific issue or topic that’s important to you as well as AARP’s members,” she adds.

AARP Florida is committed to helping its volunteers become well-informed advocacy speakers. Extensive training and support are available for those individuals looking to actively pursue such speaking opportunities.

“From the first day I became an AARP volunteer, I was impressed with how volunteers are prepared for whatever position they want to pursue,” says Davis on AARP’s role on training their volunteers. “Speaker’s bureau training is provided for all volunteers who have an interest in doing speaking engagements on a specific topic or issues within AARP’s platform.”

In regards to topic selection, volunteers are given the ability to select their own area of interest, one they feel most comfortable with. Additionally, Davis points out that as a speaker, you could become an expert on one particular issue and only speak on that sole topic.

Davis refers to her experience as a volunteer speaker for the AARP Speaker’s Bureau as a wonderful one.

“AARP is a fine organization and treats its volunteers with so much respect for the work they do. Working together with its volunteers, AARP has become a trusted and credible source for its members and others as well. Personally, I applaud AARP for all that they do for its members and others as well.”

The truth is, without dedicated volunteers such as Priscilla Davis, our organization as a whole would not be in the position to successfully work the platform that it stands for.

Davis also serves as a SHINE volunteer for the Florida Department of Elder Affairs, working to provide information and counseling to Medicare consumers and their families. As if her hands weren’t already full enough, Priscilla is also a poll worker for the Duval County Supervisor of Elections.

When asked how she spends her spare time, Davis responds, “How do you define spare time?”

“Through volunteerism, I am very active serving others while staying healthy. I truly enjoy my volunteer work and I would encourage others to seek volunteer opportunities within their communities and to give back,” says Davis of her efforts.

“Now, when there is time for some R&R, I make it happen.”

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If you’re a member of a club, organization or business that meets regularly, sooner or later you may run into this problem – where can you find informative, well-prepared speakers who can deliver information your group is interested in hearing?

One place is AARP Florida’s Speakers’ Bureau, a network of trained presenters ready to help your members better understand issues important to the Floridian 50-plus demographic.

Presentations in topics such as health care reform, social security, legislative issues and AARP programs & services along with other issues of interest are all provided free of charge. This is a valuable resource for community groups, conferences, clubs and other professional organizations.

To schedule a presentation, please e-mail or call (866) 595-7678 and ask for the Speakers’ Bureau line. We look forward to hearing from you.

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