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2011 Nevada Issues and Concerns Survey of AARP Members

AARP Member Opinion Research

The AARP Nevada State Office commissioned a survey to explore the views of its members on the topics of volunteerism, hunger, utilities affordability and preparation for retirement.
Key findings include:

  • Over one-third (35%) of AARP respondents in Nevada have been volunteering for at least one organization or cause over the last 12 months (since October 2010). 
  • Of members surveyed, 7% indicate that over the last year they have eaten less or gone hungry because of a lack of money for food. When applied to the entire member population in Nevada, 7% amounts to 12,389 50+ households that have gone hungry.
  • Over half of members (52%) surveyed say that it is either a major or minor problem paying their utilities costs
  • Not knowing who to trust (37%), the inability to afford professional advice (36%), and the belief that planning is too overwhelming and complex (30%) are three commonly cited issues impacting members’ ability to plan for retirement.

Key findings of the brief focusing on volunteerism include:

  • AARP members’ recurring volunteer activities are mutually beneficial to the member and the organizations for which they are giving their time.
  • Many AARP members in Nevada cite traditional methods as the preferred resource for learning about volunteer activities in their area; word-of-mouth (46%), mail (40%) and local television, radio, or newspaper (38%) were the three most preferred modes. 
  • Most AARP members in Nevada indicated that lack of time was a barrier to engaging in volunteer activities; the need to make money (32%) and lack of time (43%) are two major issues that keep members from engaging in volunteer activities.

The findings in these reports are drawn from data from a mail survey conducted October 21, 2011 to December 5, 2011 of 3,000 AARP members in the state of Nevada. There were two samples drawn of AARP Nevada members; 2,000 members from the entire state of Nevada and 1,000 from Las Vegas within Clark County. A total of 920 completed surveys were returned. For more information, please contact Erin Pinkus at 202-434-6362.


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