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Help AARP Maine Protect the Medicare Savings Program

If you are following Maine politics, you know there is a huge storm brewing in Augusta over the state budget. Unfortunately, at risk of losing critical benefits are some of Maine’s poorest and most vulnerable citizens. AARP is speaking out against several of the proposed budget cuts, including a dreadful bid to end medical care and prescription drugs for 72,000 low-income seniors and adults with disabilities.

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The name of the program in question is the Medicare Savings Program (MSP). The MSP covers important Medicare expenses such as visits to doctors, preventive care, screenings and outpatient care, for those in Maine who qualify. This is part of what is known as Medicare Part B. As part of the MSP, the federal government provides matching dollars to cover eligible Mainers with low-cost prescriptions so they can actually afford to take the prescription drugs their doctors prescribe for them. This covers what is known as Medicare Part D.

This program is essential for those on low, fixed incomes (under $14,500 per year). If cuts are made to the Medicare Savings Program, what will the 72,000 seniors and disabled adults in the program now do? They will go without a doctor’s care and without the prescription drugs that they need. We know this will cost us all much suffering and more money in the long run. Nursing home and emergency room hospital care is a lot more expensive and not where people want to be or live.

Are you currently an MSP beneficiary? Would you like to help AARP as we work to protect this vital program? Please consider sharing your story with us. What would life be like for you without the MSP? Would you be able to afford your prescriptions? If you got sick, what steps would you take to get better? If you are willing to share your personal story with us, we will work with you to bring your message to those who need to hear it: our legislators.

There are many ways you can help even if you are not on the MSP.

If you feel passionate about helping older Mainers and those living with disabilities, please call us. To find out more about AARP Maine and the Medicare Savings Program, please contact AARP Maine Advocacy Director John Hennessy at 776-6303 or 1-866-554-5380 or email

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