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Members Volunteer More than US, Nevada Average

Though Volunteer Stats Low, AARP Members Volunteer Higher Rate

According to the Corporation for National and Community Service, Nevada ranks 50th in all states when it comes to volunteering.
While Nevada has rated low for several years, our recent AARP Nevada member survey suggests that AARP members could be changing that soon. Fully 30% indicated that they volunteered their time for at least one (19%) or two (11%) organizations in the last year. That figure tops the national rate of 26% and ranks AARP Nevada members eighteenth (18th) in the nation, just ahead of Indiana.
Volunteering: What’s In It for You?

The report The Health Benefits of Volunteering suggests that volunteering leads to better physical health. Older volunteers are more likely than other age groups to get both physical and mental health benefits from volunteer work. And research has shown such a significant connection that volunteering has been linked to longer life, greater physical and mental agility and reduced depression rates for volunteers. Great health combined with the good feelings you get from making a difference in your community

If you’re unemployed or hoping to transition into a new career, volunteering can provide resume-building benefits too.

Where to Find Your Place

There are lots of volunteer opportunities in Nevada communities, and many non-profit organizations need help in order to accomplish their mission. In addition to volunteer opportunities through our Driver Safety and Tax Aide; AARP Nevada State office has volunteer opportunities as well. Drop us a line at if you’d like to hear more about state volunteer positions.

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