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The Sauce Boss

Singing the blues and stirring up hope for the hungry

Singing the blues can stir up memories of tough times, but for a man who calls himself the Sauce Boss, it can also stir up hope for the hungry.

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For over 15 years, Bill Wharton has entertained audiences with appetizing performances that marry sizzling Florida blues with a steaming hot vat of gumbo on stage for salivating fans. But after years of feeding concert goers who were gaga for gumbo, he had the idea of taking his show to a local homeless shelter. By the end of that first performance, his life had changed and his crusade to end homelessness began.

Wharton has since dished out thousands of shelter meals and has helped lift the burden of homelessness for countless families adrift in the current economic climate. "My mission is to make whoever it is forget where they are and what they're doing for an hour and a half while they're listening to my music," says the Sauce Boss. "My mission is to dislocate them from their daily grind."

My Generation meets the inspiring performer who is spooning out hope for the homeless.