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Fresh Food Mission

Celebrity chef Michel Nischan promotes healthy and affordable cuisine

Celebrity Chef Michel Nischan is redefining the American food industry. Once committed exclusively to fine dining and white tablecloth meals, this food aficionado is now a pioneer for fresh, healthy and sustainable food.

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After two of his five children were diagnosed with diabetes, a disease he believed could be better managed with more nutritious eating habits, Nischan left the kitchen and began getting his hands dirty as a healthy food philanthropist. His mission: improve the way food gets to our tables and enrich our nation's health. "Food is holy," Nischan says. "It's sacred. It shouldn't be messed with.

Chef Michel Nischan at one of his local farms

Chef Michel Nischan at one of his local farms

He teamed up with actor Paul Newman to create Wholesome Wave, an organization that makes healthy, affordable and locally grown food available to low income communities that are ravaged by epidemics like obesity and diabetes. So far, Wholesome Wave has organized over 160 food markets in more than 20 states and has helped to promote food security, self-sufficiency and a sense of community across America.

My Generation met up with this sustainable food pioneer to discover how he's bringing fresh and reasonably priced produce to cities and towns around the country.

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