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Good Chemistry With Purpose Prize Winner Arlene Blum

Rewarding second careers

Meet a scientist who has studied the nasty effects of a chemical called TRIS for years. Now, for her second act, Arlene Blum is testing furniture for potentially hazardous chemicals.

She has just received The Purpose Prize, an award given to social innovators who’re contributing in the second half of their lives.

To explain why this work is so important, here's an excerpt from Blum's Green Science Policy Institute website:

"Most chemicals in commerce today have not been fully tested for their long-term effects on humans and the environment. Under the current regulatory system, significant data gaps exist and the risks of many chemicals have been denied or ignored. The Green Science Policy Institute promotes safer products and processes to protect human health and the environment."

Another Purpose Prize winner, Jay Davidson, has been honored for his work with men and women battling substance abuse. Listen

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