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Eat Right, Even When Money is Tight

Thousands of older Connecticut residents are currently getting help with their monthly grocery bill, are you? You, a family member, or a neighbor may be eligible – but you won't know unless you find out. SNAP, the federal Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, is currently helping 48 million Americans with their monthly grocery bill.

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SNAP helps low-income people and families buy the food they need for good health and helps clients learn to make healthy eating and active lifestyle choices.
For older adults with limited incomes, especially those who live alone; food assistance programs like SNAP can help improve overall health. The healthier people are, the more likely they will be able to live independently and take care of their daily needs.

No more “Food Stamps”

The old routine of standing in the grocery store line while people watch recipients tear food stamp coupons from a book is no more. Once a person’s application is approved, benefits automatically get loaded on a debit-style card which is accepted at most grocery stores. There are no hidden fees. The average monthly benefit for older Americans age 60+ is $72 for individuals and $90 per household, but it could be even higher, especially if the beneficiary is paying for high medical expenses.

Who should apply?

Any older Connecticut resident who needs help paying for groceries should apply for SNAP. People age 60 or older may qualify for food assistance if:

  • Their net monthly income (after you subtract certain expenses i.e. housing and medical costs, child care, and eldercare.) is around $903 for a single person or around $1,214 for a married couple.
  • They are legal immigrants who meet the eligibility guidelines, and have lived in the U.S. for five years, or receive disability payments.
  • They receive Social Security benefits.
  • They live in federally subsidized housing for the elderly even if they receive their meals at the facility.

Find out if you qualify today

Everyone has the opportunity to eat right, even when money is tight. Visit SNAP to go directly to an online pre-screener, or call the CT SNAP Line at 1-866-974-SNAP (7627) to talk to a trained AARP SNAP volunteer. The number is toll free and available year-round. Find out if you or a loved one qualifies today.

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