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Help AARP Utah Fight Hunger

Drive to End Hunger is an innovative, cause-related collaboration with four-time NASCAR Sprint Cup Champion Jeff Gordon and team owner Rick Hendrick, designed to engage and inspire NASCAR fans and America’s leading companies and organizations to help solve the problem of hunger in America

Nearly six million people in this country age 60-plus are worried about not having enough to eat. Across the country, the number of households struggling to put food on the table has jumped from 11 percent in 2007 to nearly 15 percent today.

AARP Utah is working with the Utah Food Bank to give back and help deliver food boxes to people in need around the state. Ten percent of Utahns live in poverty, thousands of them children. For over 100 years, the Utah Food Bank has teamed with businesses and foundations around the state to help those most in need. With Drive to End Hunger, volunteering with the Food Bank was a natural fit.

Salt Lake City Area Coordinator Carol Jenson has delivered hundreds of boxes to neighborhoods all over Salt Lake County, and recently enlisted her fellow Coordinator Art Sutherland in delivering food to senior housing communities and other areas of need. She has been a true champion of this partnership, which provides immediate assistance to the community. Art describes recipients as sometimes being in tears when a delivery is made. AARP Utah staff made deliveries to a housing facility for veterans that were formerly homeless, and plans to make this service a monthly staff activity.

Even if you can’t help pack food boxes or deliver food, there is a way you can help as an AARP member. The Utah Food Bank has a special dedicated link that allows you to donate online or find opportunities in your community to reduce hunger in the state.

Volunteerism is a key priority of AARP, and AARP Utah wants to help by providing volunteer opportunities that are meaningful and important to the community. We hope you can assist the Utah Food Bank in their mission to reduce hunger and help people stay healthy and productive in our communities.

AARP is also reaching out to people with consistent need who may qualify for additional assistance. More than 7 million older Americans are eligible for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (formerly known as “Food Stamps”), but less than one-third – approximately 2.4 million individuals – are actually receiving benefits. Here are some important things to know about SNAP:

  • The average monthly benefit for older Americans is $70.
  • Signing up is easy. It just takes a few minutes to apply online or fill out a form and mail it.

SNAP is discreet and easy to use. Benefits come on a SNAP card, that looks and acts like a debit card. When people buy food with it, the funds are deducted electronically. SNAP also provides a significant boost to local economies. Every $5 in new SNAP benefits generates nearly twice as much ($9.20) in total community spending.

Learn how to qualify for SNAP benefits in Utah.

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