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AARP Reaches Out With Drive to End Hunger

En español | What can you do for others? Often, we get lost in the hustle and bustle of daily activities and do not get a chance to stop and think about people other than those immediately around us. Founded as an organization designed to serve its members and the American public, AARP places a strong emphasis on charity, and it encourages its members as well as its staff to do what they can to get involved.

Further emphasizing this point, following the attacks on September 11th, AARP began hosting an annual Day of Service. Launched to commemorate those lost and the benevolence of those who helped on 9-11, AARP’s Day of Service reminds us that such charity should continue and not surface solely in the face of tragedy. During AARP’s Day of Service, AARP closes its offices and AARP staff work with volunteers to support an annually selected cause in their communities.

This year, AARP Foundation launched Drive to End Hunger, a multi-year commitment to solve the problem of hunger in older Americans. Through this, AARP is working to raise money and food donations for food banks as well as time from volunteers to help organize events such as food drives. As it stands, 6 million Americans at least 60 years old face the threat of hunger. This is an atrocity that should be combated with all the effort and resources we, as a group, can muster.

In the week leading up to AARP’s Day of Service, AARP will place drop boxes at each Congressional representative’s local office for constituents to bring non-perishable food donations. On September 9th, our Day of Service, we will pick up the donations and bring them to local food banks, to feed our needy populations, helping families as well as the 50+ population for which food security is a major concern.

NASCAR driver, Jeff Gordon and TV celebrity, Rachael Ray, are working as spokespersons Drive to End Hunger. AARP thanks them for their efforts to help the hungry families and individuals across America. We look forward to seeing our volunteers and staff come out and work together on September 9th to support such a good cause.

How would you like to help? There are many opportunities to help others and we encourage you to find the one that best suits you.

You too can make a difference. Please take the time to lend a helping hand and volunteer. We can all make a difference when we work together to help others.

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