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Charitable Giving


Chocolate Charity

Every sweet bite is a donation to charity

Chocolate is treasured the world over. It can bring a smile to a child’s face, woo a romantic interest and even improve your health. But did you know that it can also save a life?

Just ask Debby Langsam and Joal Fischer. The pair spends months crafting gourmet sweets and then they pour the profits into local charities. Some of the money finds its way to a nearby hospital call center that connects doctors to trauma patients in need. Other earnings go to support a non-profit group that feeds more than 700 people every day.

But these real-life Willy Wonkas were not always in the bittersweet business. Both retired doctors, it started off as a hobby and, in response to requests from friends to buy their chocolates, Debby and Joal founded Barking Dog Chocolatiers in early 2000. They took their gourmet gift boxes to local restaurants and soon their cocoa company was catching on. While the charity aspect of their work is a reward in and of itself, their second act finds both Debby and Joal living the sweet life in a career they truly enjoy. “I really want to be there,” Joal says. “I really want to do this.”

My Generation  got a tasty peek into the recipe book of these charitable chocolatiers.

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