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Meatless Monday Recipes

Fruit salad, mushroom crepes and a ratatouille round out a day of vegetarian meals

Try one or all of these healthy vegetarian recipes to help you stick with your Meatless Monday commitment and cut saturated fat from your diet at least one day a week.

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Chopped Fruit Salad  

Fruit salads are a viable breakfast option year-round. In summer the bounty includes melons, peaches, mangos and berries. During winter we can enjoy citrus, pears, bananas and other fruits grown south of the border. Top with your favorite yogurt.

Wild Mushroom Crepes

Dried mushrooms are a wonderful staple for your pantry. Add dried shiitakes to fresh cultivated mushrooms from your local market for a delicious vegetarian lunch or dinner.  

Moroccan Ratatouille   

There are many variations of ratatouille. Some are slow-roasted in the oven and others simmered on a stove top. Either way, summer is the perfect season for this dish, when an abundance of zucchini, eggplant, peppers and tomatoes prevail.

Need a few more Meatless Monday dishes? Search our recipe database for more vegan and vegetarian recipes.

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