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Meatless Monday Recipes

3 dishes make a vegetarian day delicious

Fresh fruit salad for breakfast, warm samosas for lunch, and a rich and creamy polenta for dinner make for a satisfying day of healthy meatless eating.

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Chopped Fruit Salad
As we move through spring, beautiful melons and strawberries are beginning to appear in the supermarket. This recipe calls for the addition of vanilla yogurt. If you haven't discovered the rich, satisfying texture of Greek yogurt yet, give it a try.


Vegetable Samosas
These little Indian pastries are a bit of work but very inexpensive. Make a big batch and freeze uncooked samosas to enjoy another day. These are great for a light lunch or appetizer at your next get-together. Or you could substitute frozen, premade puff pastry for the scratch dough here and bake, once they have been filled, according to package instructions for a quicker alternative.


Porcini Polenta 

Rich and creamy polenta was at one time identified as peasant food, but today is a gourmet favorite. Polenta, made of yellow or white ground cornmeal, is widely available in the supermarket in tubes, boxes, instant or slow cooking. This recipe calls for instant, so dinner will be ready in under an hour.


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