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Holiday Bites Under 50 Calories

Here's a cheat sheet to help you indulge in holiday foods without the guilt

Here's one way to indulge in holiday food: in bites of 50 calories. This handy cheat sheet tells you what size portion you get for 50 calories of popular, traditionally prepared winter eats.

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Now do the math: At a holiday dinner, women over 50 can choose 18 of these servings for 900 calories, approximately half their daily recommended caloric intake, and men can choose 22 for 1,100 calories. Mix and match your favorites for an easy, guilt-free holiday diet.

appetizer, 50 calorie small bites (Sam Kaplan)

Sam Kaplan


Pigs in a blanket: 1

Chex Mix: 1/5 cup

Spinach dip: 1 1/2 tablespoons

Dinner Dishes

Ham, canned: 1 medium slice

Mashed potatoes: 1/4 cup

Turkey, with skin: 1 medium slice

Prime rib: 1 thin slice

Stuffing: 1/8 cup

Green bean casserole: 1/4 cup

Candied sweet potatoes: 1/6 cup

Macaroni and cheese: 1/10 cup

Gravy: 3 tablespoons

Cranberry sauce: 1/8 cup


Eggnog, nonalcoholic: 1/4 cup

Eggnog, alcoholic: 1/8 cup

Wine: 2 fluid ounces

Beer: 4 fluid ounces

Apple cider: 3 fluid ounces

PROMO:Use this cheat sheet for guilt-free noshing