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New Jobs For Your Leftover Joe

Ways to repurpose half-day-old coffee

ice coffee cubes next to a cup of milk


Make coffee ice cubes with day-old coffee or consider one of these alternative uses.

En español | Got a day-old half-pot of room-temperature coffee sitting in a carafe on your kitchen counter? Join the millions. You can microwave a cup and keep drinking, or consider one of these alternative uses, as suggested by several cooks and coffee experts. Decaf coffee works fine, too; it’s about the flavor, not the jolt.


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For pancakes combine coffee with melted butter.

Ice It: Coffee ice cubes are great in iced coffee; they don’t dilute the drink as the ice melts. Or add your preferred milk and flavorings to the coffee and pour into Popsicle-type molds for a frozen treat tomorrow.

Make Sauce: After pan-frying chicken or pork, deglaze the pan with coffee rather than wine, for a deeper, Southern-style gravy.

Prepare Jerky: Marinate beef slices in strong coffee and your favorite flavorings for up to eight hours, then dry the beef in the oven at 200ºF for about four hours.

Top Your Pancakes: Combine coffee with melted butter and pour.

Brine a Chicken: Coffee-based brines that include spices such as cloves, star anise, peppercorns and, of course, plenty of salt make for a delicious and moist roast chicken.

Dress a Salad: For a simple coffee vinaigrette, cook equal parts brewed coffee, balsamic vinegar and maple syrup on the stove at a low heat until the mixture is syrupy. Top it off with a little lemon juice.