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Rob Lowe Plants a New 'Bad Seed'

The actor stars in and directs Lifetime's remake of the creepy classic from 1956

Rob Lowe and McKenna Grace in Lifetime's "The Bad Seed"


Rob Lowe and Mckenna Grace are a single dad and his sweet-seeming daughter in Lifetime's remake of "The Bad Seed." Lowe also directed and executive-produced the film.

In between his acting projects and the national tour of his one-man show — Stories I Only Tell My Friends: Live! — the eternally youthful Rob Lowe has taken on triple-threat duties as director-star-executive producer of the revamped version of the 1956 psychological horror thriller The Bad Seed, which premieres on Lifetime this Sunday night at 9 p.m.. 

Flipping the genders in the original film (and book), from suspicious mother to father, Lowe plays the dad of Emma (Mckenna Grace), one of the most demonic child characters in movie history. Patty McCormack, who portrayed the little girl in the original film, is back over 60 years later in the role of the psychiatrist who attempts to treat Emma.

Lowe says that the film begged for an update. “The original is a classic and influenced the genre to this day,” he notes. “There would be no Exorcist- or The Omen-type movies without it. Yet the original is comically dated, so it’s the perfect movie to reimagine, and I felt like I had a good point of view on the material.” He does: Your skin will crawl.

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