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Exclusive: Netflix's 'Medal of Honor' Recognizes War Heroes

Released just before Veterans Day, the documentary also dramatically re-creates the battle scenes that made history

On Nov. 9, just two days before Veterans Day, Netflix presents Medal of Honor, a docudrama by Oscar-winning producers James Moll, 55, and Robert Zemeckis, 66, (Forrest Gump, Back to the Future) that recounts the true stories of Medal of Honor recipients from Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Korea and World War II. Since the Civil War, just over 3,500 people have earned the medal. 

Each episode focuses on the extraordinary moments of combat that earned each hero a place in history, with a unique mix of scripted dramatic scenes intercut with documentary elements: archival footage, photos, narration  and interviews. One eyewitness to battle says, “I remember his last words,” and the camera cuts to a scene of the smiling hero with a rifle saying, “You go — I’ll cover you.”  Viewers meet either the real-life medal recipients or their surviving family, blending historically accurate drama with a powerful emotional connection. After Nov. 9, Medal of Honor can be screened anytime on Netflix.