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Gayle King Live!

Doing her OWN thing and switching gears to reclaim her "news DNA"

She's known as Oprah Winfrey's best friend, but Gayle King is a dynamo in her own right. On January 9, King, 57, took the helm of CBS This Morning, along with Charlie Rose and Erica Hill, relinquishing her show on Winfrey's OWN television network.

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Gayle King on set of her television show "The Gayle King Show"

Photo by Robert Caplin/The New York Times/Redux

Gayle King left her show on Oprah Winfrey's network to co-host CBS This Morning.

Q: What appealed to you about the morning anchor job?

A: It takes me back to my news DNA. I started in TV news, and I was at a CBS station for almost 18 years.

Q: What makes you, Charlie and Erica a good team?

A: Erica is married with two kids; Charlie is single. I'm divorced with kids. When you match up our personalities, it will be interesting, certainly not predictable.

Q: What's your favorite communications medium?

A: If I had to pick, it would be TV. especially live, topical TV. I'm a news, politics and pop-culture junkie, and one TV program can combine it all.

Q: Does it bother you to be identified as Oprah's pal?

A: I don't feel it takes anything away from me. I like what I'm doing and who I am. Oprah has been with me every step of the way. I'll have her on the show, but not the first day. Wouldn't that be too obvious?

Q: What do you think makes a good morning anchor?

A: In the morning, people like to know what's happening, what to wear, what's changed since they went to bed. If I can tell them in a way that engages them, then it's a good thing.

Q: Who is your dream guest?

A: I'm smitten with Prince William and Kate.

Q: What time do you have to wake up in the morning now?

A: At 4:12, I've decided. But with these hot flashes, I haven't had a good night's sleep in six years, so I'm used to getting up.

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