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Proms Through the Years

A look back at high school's biggest night

  • Prom Promo
    H. Armstrong Roberts/Getty Images

    Vintage Prom Nights

    The season is upon us again! As we watch our kids and grandkids make memories — dressed to the nines — we look back at proms of the past!

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  • Prom 1942
    Marjory Collins/Anthony Potter Collection/Getty Images


    High school seniors cross a gymnasium floor in a double-file line at their prom in Greenbelt, Md.

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  • Prom 1945
    Lambert/Getty Images


    A teen shows off her prom dress to her parents in their living room.

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  • Prom 1953
    Bettmann Archive/Getty Images


    A perfect gentleman helps his lovely date from their car as they arrive at the Anacostia High School prom in Washington, D.C.

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  • Prom 1958
    Jean Philippe CHARBONNIER/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images


    Students celebrate at the Hackley School prom in Tarrytown, N.Y.

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  • Prom 1960
    Francis Miller/The LIFE Premium Collection/Getty Images


    Students get in some slow dancing at the Mariemont High School prom in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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  • Prom 1968
    Jerry Engel/New York Post Archives / NYP Holdings, Inc. via Getty Images


    Ronnie Hooper pins flowers on his girl, Sarah Roberts, at their prom following graduation from Charles Evans Hughes High School in Manhattan.

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  • Prom 1970
    H. Armstrong Roberts/Retrofile/Getty Images


    A teenage couple are ready for an amazing night.

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  • Prom 1975
    Charles Tasnadi/AP Photo


    Susan Ford, daughter of President Gerald Ford, talks with her escort, Billy Pifer, of Winchester, Va., during the Holton-Arms School senior prom, held at the White House.

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  • Prom 1988
    Ron Bull/Toronto Star via Getty Images


    Every little accessory must be just right when going to high school’s biggest bash.

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  • Prom 1991
    Bill Brett/The Boston Globe via Getty Images


    A look back at the Bridgewater-Raynham prom, held at Lombardo's Conference and Function Facilities in Randolph, Mass.

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  • Prom 1996
    Anacleto Rapping/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images


    Inglewood High School’s prom queen and king, Liliana Salinas and Akida Warmsley, in Los Angeles.

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  • Prom 1999
    John Blanding/The Boston Globe via Getty Images


    Bill Wagner, left, and his son Willy, before Willy attended a gay prom.

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  • Prom 2012
    Alex Webb/Magnum Photos


    A time-honored ritual: the pre-prom photo opp.

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  • Teenage girls dancing at prom
    Alec Soth / Magnum Photos


    Promgoers show off their moves at the Nome Arctic Native Brotherhood Adult Prom in Nome, Alaska.

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