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6 Ways to Stay Stylish Now

Try these beauty tips when you're feeling more 'Glam' than 'Ma'

What would Patsy and Adina do?

Fox Searchlight/Courtesy Everett Collection

Joanna Lumley and Jennifer Saunders star in "Absolutely Fabulous."

My public style — the one my friends, family, clients and colleagues see — is more "Glam" than "Ma." Its basic building blocks are high-waist jeans, chunky-heeled booties, a biker jacket and a rakish fedora. Peep in my window at home, however, and you'll find the "Ma" that lurks beneath: furry white flip-flops, old pink sweatpants and a sequin-studded vintage T shirt — the ideal uniform for watching my current sports crush, Noah "Thor" Syndergaard, pitch for the Mets.

That latter look may not exactly match the popular image of a beauty and fashion editor, but as Diana Vreeland used to say, "A little bad taste is like a nice splash of paprika, and we all need a splash of bad taste — it's hearty, it's healthy, it's physical. No taste is what I'm against."

Me, too, Princess Diana! So consider these six ways to stay spicy and saucy as a Glam-Ma in both your "Glam" and "Ma" modes:

1. Add sparkle to everyday shoes. Forget special occasions and seasonal sparkle — you can now give your feet a metallic gleam day or night, all fall and winter long, and in silver booties, snow boots, sneakers and loafers. You can look (or at least feel) like a rock star in glow-in-the dark loafers from the likes of Michael Kors, Steve Madden or FitFlop.

2. What would Patsy and Edina do? Want to stay absolutely fabulous? Here's how:

  • Let your animal prints run wild.
  • Stack those bracelets and rings.
  • Layer your necklaces.
  • Pair pink with red.
  • Let message T-shirts speak your mind.
  • Wear a bikini on vacation.
  • Free your curls from flat-iron tyranny.
  • Go beach-blond.

What are you waiting for — permission?

3. Top things off. Want to stay visible? All it takes is practice and a hat — the Benjamin Button of accessories, if you choose carefully. I'm big on masculine-looking fedoras, as well as hipster knit beanies with extended "flop tops." Both of these are 3-for-1s: They perform frizz control on bad hair days, perk up your overall style and never fail to draw attention (the positive kind) from strangers. Skim teen-mall hot spots such as Urban Outfitters or Forever 21.

4. Show some skin on top. Strategically, of course. Though minis are dicey and décolletage is now considered déclassé, you can still keep things simmering in two new sweater silhouettes:

  • Try a long sweater-tunic with side slits and a wide V-neckline; you can add a tank top, or simply grin and bare it.
  • So-called "cold-shoulder sweaters" have been scooped out to reveal your scapulae (don't worry — these particular body parts are G-rated!).

Both sweater types are perfect over any kind of jeans, pants, pull-on skirts or leggings.

5. Take a makeup risk every day. YouTube videos can teach you to apply foundation like a professional cosmetologist. Have you ever tried layering sparkly lavender and matte gray eye shadow, for example? Or — mon Dieu! — what about blending a fuchsia lip color over red? I'll bet you can't stop there!

6. Get down to (very colorful) basics. Even if no one but you will ever find this out, wearing black, green or violet underwear — anything but boring nude! — can give the day a boost. Show-through? Not a problem: Even under white tops, a hint of black or color sends a stylish message. Many of the newer lingerie sites — among them True & Co. or Adore Me — offer a rainbow of hues.

For more beauty and style tips for women 50+, check out The Woman's Wakeup and AARP's new Beauty & Style digital magazine, which is available for tablet.

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