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Celebrity Milestone Birthdays in March

Bruce Willis, Reba McEntire and Moses Malone celebrate big ones this month

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    March 5

    En español | Penn Jillette, 60: Half of the magician team of Penn & Teller, Jillette is also a comedian, actor, author and musician as well as a vocal libertarian and atheist.  On a weekly podcast, Penn’s Sunday School, he and his cohosts discuss “anything that seems funny or makes us mad.”  

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    March 15

      Judd Hirsch, 80: The Taxi costar still has a sense of humor: He appeared (as a taxi driver, no less) in last year’s campy Sharknado 2: The Second One, a SyFy movie about sharks falling on New York City. “They told me I could get eaten by a shark. I said, ‘I’m in,’ ” joked Hirsch, who’s now on ABC’s Forever.

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    March 17

      Gary Sinise, 60: He was Detective Mac Taylor on CSI: NY (2004-13) and Lt. Dan Taylor, the injured officer, in 1994’s Forrest Gump — a role that spurred his longtime dedication to helping wounded vets. Last year he treated 50 service members to a three-day trip to Hollywood.

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    March 19

    Bruce Willis, 60: The actor known for his tough-guy action roles will appear in the upcoming comedy Rock the Kasbah with Bill Murray. But his gun-toting days are far from over. He’s now filming Wake, a movie about “a hardened sociopath with a dark past.”

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    March 20

    Pat Riley, 70: He’s been the Miami Heat’s team president for the past two decades and is one of basketball’s most respected coaches ever. The guy’s got charisma: After listening to Riley at a recent press briefing, a reporter described him as “mesmerizing — close to spellbinding.”

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    March 23

    Moses Malone, 60: Nicknamed “Chairman of the Boards,” the 6-foot-10 NBA star still holds the single-game record for offensive rebounds (21). In a TV interview last year Malone said “being humble” was the key to his longevity and success in the sport.   

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    March 25

    Sarah Jessica Parker, 50: Parker made wearing stilettos look almost painless as Sex and the City’s fashion-plate star. (She probably wears them less often these days while chasing after her 5-year-old twins). Next she’s set to appear in the rom-com All Roads Lead to Rome.

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    March 27

    Julian Glover, 80: The English actor’s roles tend toward the dark side — including his Gen. Maximilian Veers, a leader of Darth Vader’s army in The Empire Strikes Back. He’s also played a James Bond villain in For Your Eyes Only and a scheming member of the king’s council in HBO’s Game of Thrones.

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    March 28

    Reba McEntire, 60: She debuted at the Grand Ole Opry in 1977 and was a country music megastar by the mid-’80s. Her new album featuring the single “Going Out Like That,” which McEntire calls “a women’s power anthem,” comes out next month.

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    March 30

    Piers Morgan, 50: The controversial British journalist and former America’s Got Talent judge spent about three years hosting his talk show on CNN until the network canceled it last year. He’s made his share of enemies — and maybe just as many fans — for his vehement stance for gun control.

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    March 30

    Eric Clapton, 70: The legendary guitarist once told Rolling Stone that he’d stop touring at 70 — but he’s definitely still rocking. In May he’s set to play seven sold-out shows at London’s Royal Albert Hall, the venue where he performed with the Yardbirds some 50 years ago as a teenager.

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