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Look Who Has a July Birthday!

Sandra Bullock, Wendy Williams, Courtney Love, David Spade, and Vivica A. Fox all turn 50

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    JULY 1

    En español l Jamie Farr, 80: Farr will always be famous for his role as the cross-dressing Maxwell Q. Klinger on the hit TV series M*A*S*H. This summer you’ll find him onstage in Edmonton, Canada, where he’s playing a lovestruck 80-year-old in a production called The Last Romance.

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    JULY 2

    José Canseco, 50: The Cuban-born former baseball star admitted to using steroids, then named names: “The national pastime is juiced,” he declared. He made news last year when cops pulled him over while he was driving home with two new pet goats wearing diapers (the goats, not Canseco).

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    JULY 3

    Yeardley Smith, 50: There could hardly be a more distinctive (and well-paid) voice in cartoons these days than Lisa on The Simpsons — the character that the Emmy-winning Smith has brought to life since 1989. She’d originally auditioned to perform Bart’s voice.

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    JULY 8

    Jeffrey Tambor, 70: The actor received two Emmy nominations as the dysfunctional-family patriarch on Arrested Development. He’s set to star in a new series from Amazon Studios called Transparent, about the transgendered dad of three adult kids. Critics loved the pilot (really).

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    JULY 9

    Courtney Love, 50: She’s famous as both the widow of grunge-rock legend Kurt Cobain and the in-your-face front woman of the punk band Hole. These days Love is said to be readying both a ghostwritten autobiography and an album called Died Blonde

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    JULY 11

    Giorgio Armani, 80: The legendary Italian fashion designer has outfitted everyone from George Clooney to Italy’s 2012 Olympic team. Now he has a vast business empire, but few close relationships, he’s said; “I have sacrificed life” for fashion, he told Elle magazine.

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    JULY 15

    Jan-Michael Vincent, 70: The once-promising actor appeared in the miniseries The Winds of War (1983) and, also in the ’80s, starred as Vietnam vet Stringfellow Hawke on the CBS show Airwolf. An admitted alcoholic, he’s had few roles since breaking his neck in a 1996 car accident.

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    JULY 18

    Wendy Williams, 50: The daytime talk show host also writes books. Her latest, a romance featuring a beautiful lawyer, is called Hold Me in Contempt. Williams recently donated such culturally significant artifacts as her “bedazzled” pink microphone to the Smithsonian. 

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    JULY 18

    Ricky Skaggs, 60: The country/bluegrass legend picked up the mandolin at age 5 and has hardly put it down since. Skaggs usually performs with his band, Kentucky Thunder, but last year he collaborated with pal/musician Bruce Hornsby on a live album called Cluck Ol’ Hen.

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    JULY 22

    David Spade, 50: The comedian’s career took off in the ’90s on Saturday Night Live (his catchphrase: “buh-bye”). More recently he costarred on the CBS sitcom Rules of Engagement, and is now writing a memoir that, he’s joked, will be “a ‘must buy’ and a ‘maybe’ read.”

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    JULY 24

    Barry Bonds, 50: The former San Francisco Giants left fielder famously broke the home run record with number 756 in 2007, but that feat’s been clouded by his involvement in the steroid scandal. Bonds has said he was tricked by his trainer and took the drugs unwittingly.

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    JULY 26

    Sandra Bullock, 50: The actress known for her comedy roles received an Oscar nomination for her star turn as an astronaut in last year’s Gravity. Noting her string of recent hits (including 2009’s The Blind Side), Variety has called Bullock “the most bankable actress in Hollywood, period.”

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    JULY 28

    Lori Loughlin, 50: She was Becky, wife of Jesse (John Stamos) on the hit comedy Full House from 1988 until 1995. They were super-cute together, and are still pals: Loughlin calls Stamos “one of my best, dearest friends.” She’s married to the designer Mossimo Giannulli and has two teenage daughters.

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    JULY 30

    Vivica A. Fox, 50: She played a hooker in Born on the Fourth of July (1989), but later hit it big in 1996’s blockbuster Independence Day. No one would call her snobbish about the roles she chooses: This month she’s in the campy Syfy Channel movie Sharknado 2: The Second One.

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    JULY 31

    Geraldine Chaplin, 70: The British actress is the daughter of Charlie Chaplin and granddaughter of Eugene O’Neill, known for her roles in Doctor Zhivago (1965) and Nashville (1975). Last year she played Coco Chanel in the short film The Return, directed by Karl Lagerfeld.

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