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Celebrity Milestone Birthdays in August

Blair Underwood, Mary-Louise Parker and Hoda Kotb all turn 50

  • Mary Louise Parker, Actress, August 2014 Celebrity Birthday Milestones

    AUGUST 2

    En español l Mary-Louise Parker, 50: A pro on stage and screen, Parker has won awards galore, including an Emmy, a Tony and two Golden Globes (one for her role as the sexy pot-selling suburban mom in Showtime’s Weeds).

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  • Richard Belzer, Actor, August 2014 Celebrity Birthday Milestones

    AUGUST 4

    Richard Belzer, 70: For 21 years, the actor and comedian played police detective John Munch on Homicide, Law & Order: SVU and numerous other shows until the character retired last year. And like his iconic antiestablishment character, Belzer, a best-selling author, is a big supporter of popular conspiracy theories (e.g., Marilyn Monroe was murdered).

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  • Hoda Kotb, The Today Show, Television Host, NBC, August 2014 Celebrity Birthday Milestones

    AUGUST 9

    Hoda Kotb, 50: The super-upbeat coanchor (with Kathie Lee Gifford) on the fourth hour of NBC’s Today show has said she’s blissfully happy with her boyfriend, who she has managed to keep under wraps for a year. She said on the air that “bald men are hot” — so perhaps he’s hairless? 

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  • Sam Elliott, Actor, August 2014 Celebrity Birthday Milestones

    AUGUST 9

    Sam Elliott, 70: The lean, mustachioed actor couldn’t look more like a sage old cowboy if he was one. The Coen brothers cast him as such in The Big Lebowski (“I like your style, Dude”), and one of his first roles was “Card Player No. 2” in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. He’s married to Butch Cassidy star Katharine Ross, though they didn’t meet and start dating until almost a decade after that movie wrapped.

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  • Joe Jackson, Singer, Musician, August 2014 Celebrity Birthday Milestones

    AUGUST 11

    Joe Jackson, 60: The English musician and singer drew American attention with 1978’s “Is She Really Going Out With Him?” and the ubiquitous (in 1982) “Steppin’ Out.” He’s been a vocal opponent of smoking bans, calling them “undemocratic” and “socially divisive.”

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  • Francois Hollande, France, President, August 2014 Celebrity Birthday Milestones

    AUGUST 12

    François Hollande, 60: France’s president since 2012, Hollande leads a country beset by economic gloom and labor unrest — which is at least part of the reason he’s been called the most unpopular president in French history. (His approval rating was 18 percent in one poll.) Earlier this year he was also embroiled in a love-triangle scandal dubbed "L'Affaire Hollande."

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  • Debi Mazar, Actress, August 2014 Celebrity Birthday Milestones

    AUGUST 13

    Debi Mazar, 50: Fun fact: Mazar was Madonna’s makeup artist in the 1980s. She later kicked off her acting career with a role in 1990’s Goodfellas and more recently played the press agent Shauna on HBO’s Entourage. She’ll also appear in the upcoming movie version of the hit cable show.

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  • Melinda Gates, Bill Gates Wife, August 2014 Celebrity Birthday Milestones

    AUGUST 15

    Melinda Gates, 50: Cochair of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation with her tech-magnate hubby, Gates is a major force in philanthropy, steering billions of dollars to developing countries. Forbes puts her third on its list of the most powerful women in the world.

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  • James Cameron, Director, August 2014 Celebrity Birthday Milestones

    AUGUST 16

    James Cameron, 60: The director of visually immersive films, including Titanic and Avatar, Cameron has a thing for deep water. In 2012, with help from NASA, he plunged 36,000 feet to the ocean’s deepest point. A 3-D documentary about the adventure is out this month.

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  • Al Roker, Television Host, The Today Show, NBC, August 2014 Celebrity Birthday Milestones

    AUGUST 20

    Al Roker, 60: The longtime weather guy on the Today show also has a morning show on the Weather Channel called Wake Up With Al. When a fan recently asked him online what other career he’d enjoy, he wrote “a chef and/or animator,” because he loves food and cartoons. 

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  • Singer, Jackie De Shannon, August 2014 Celebrity Birthday Milestones

    AUGUST 21

    Jackie DeShannon, 70: The influential singer-songwriter and Beatles pal (she toured with the band in 1964) is known for “What the World Needs Now Is Love” and “Put a Little Love in Your Heart.” She also cowrote Kim Carnes’ Grammy-winning 1981 hit, “Bette Davis Eyes.”

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  • Tennis Player, Athelete, Mats Wilander, August 2014 Celebrity Birthday Milestones

    AUGUST 22

    Mats Wilander, 50: The Swedish tennis star was ranked No. 1 in the world in the late 1980s. He made news as a sports analyst in 2006 when he said, “Sports is about balls and about heart,” and questioned their size in champion Roger Federer. 

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  • Actor, Blair Underwood, August 2014 Celebrity Birthday Milestones

    AUGUST 25

    Blair Underwood, 50: His best known roles have included an attorney on NBC’s L.A. Law and a fighter pilot on HBO’s In Treatment. Generous to many charities, Underwood inspired one Facebook fan to post, “Your hotness is just a bonus to your beautiful soul and humanitarianism.”  

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  • Singer, Musician, Elvis Costello, August 2014 Celebrity Birthday Milestones

    AUGUST 25

    Elvis Costello, 60: The revered English musician and singer’s many masterful tunes include “Alison,” “Watch Your Step” and “Shipbuilding.” But he recently told a Carnegie Hall audience that he hates his classic “Everyday I Write the Book,” adding “I wrote it in 10 minutes.”

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  • AARP Baby Boomers (Sean McCabe)
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