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Summer Movies 2010: The American

George Clooney as a hit man: drops the smirk, picks up a high-powered rifle.

Release date: September 1

Starring: George Clooney, Thekla Reuten, Bruce Altman

En español  |  Hey, George, what're you doing with that high-powered rifle? Gee, you seem awfully serious—where's that mischievous smirk of yours? Wait a minute, you're playing a hit man this time, aren't you? Pulling one last job, hiding out in an Italian village, one eye scoping a beautiful local woman (Irina Bj∂rklund) and the other scanning for your human target.

Well, okay. Oscar snubbed you last year for being yourself in "Up in the Air," your best movie in years. So go ahead: give 'em a dose of Dangerous George.

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