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50 Grand Movie, TV Exits

Can you match each sign-off to its source?

Bonnie and Clyde - match famous last lines with their sources.

Photo by Everett Collection

'Bonnie and Clyde.'

We're sending 2011 off in style by celebrating our favorite exit lines from the large and small screens. Can you match each sign-off to its source?

Match the movie lines.

1. Merry Christmas, and may God bless us, every one. Beverly Hills Cop
2. Eliza, where the devil are my slippers? B A Streetcar Named Desire
3. I hope the Pacific is as blue as it has been in my dreams. I hope. Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
4. After all, tomorrow is another day! The Odd Couple
5. Louis, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Dr. Strangelove
6. His name will live as long as there is a ball, a bat and a boy. Bonnie and Clyde
7. I know the perfect place, you guys will love it. Trust me. King Kong (1933)
8. Stella! Hey, Stella! Cool Hand Luke
9. As you wish. Animal House
10. There's no place like home. My Fair Lady
11. I now pronounce you men and wives. The Shawshank Redemption
12. Mein Führer, I can walk! Casablanca
13. I've got a flat tire, and I ain't got no spare.
On Golden Pond
14. Hell, he's a natural-born world shaker. The Usual Suspects
15. Love means never having to say you're sorry. The Babe Ruth Story
16. No prisoners! A Christmas Carol
17. Wanna dance, or would you rather just suck face? Back to the Future
18. Play ball! Murphy's Romance
19. Roads? Where we're going, we don't need roads. Gone With the Wind
20. I'm 60. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
21. That'll do, pig. That'll do. U The Princess Bride
22. The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist. And like that, he's gone. Babe
23. Oh, no, it wasn't the airplanes. It was Beauty killed the Beast. The Wizard of Oz
24. Boys, let's watch the cigarette butts, shall we? This is my house, not a pigsty. The Pride of the Yankees
25. For a moment there, I thought we were in trouble. Love Story

Answers: 1-P, 2-J, 3-K, 4-S, 5-L, 6-O, 7-A, 8-B, 9-U, 10-W, 11-C, 12-E, 13-F, 14-H, 15-Y, 16-I, 17-M, 18-X, 19-Q, 20-R, 21-V, 22-N, 23-G, 24-D, 25-T

Kong - match famous last lines with their sources.

King Kong: Mary Evans/Ronald Grant/Everett Collection; spaceship: Paramount Television/Everett Collection; Jimmy Durante: Everett Collection

Signing off.

26. Good night, and good luck. A Dennis Miller
27. Good night, Mrs. Calabash, wherever you are. B Linda Ellerbee
28. Good night, and grease for peace! C George Burns
29. Goodnight, Dick. D Walter Cronkite
30. See you on the radio. E Dick Martin
31. And that's the way it is. F Charles Osgood
32. And so it goes. G Tennessee Ernie Ford
33. That's the news and I am outta here! H Sha Na Na
34. Say goodnight, Gracie. I Chevy Chase and Jane Curtin
35. Y'all come back now, hear? J Jimmy Durante
36. Bless your pea-pickin' hearts. K The Clampetts
37. That's the news. Good night and have a pleasant tomorrow. L Johnny Carson (on his last Tonight Show)
38. I bid you a very heartfelt good night.
M Edward R. Murrow


Match the TV series finales.

39. Sorry, we're closed. A Lost
40. Good-bye, kids. B Doctor Who
41. Come on, Ace, we've got work to do. C M*A*S*H
42. Oh, I went ahead and ordered something for the table. Howdy Doody
43. I don't care what you say, I'm coming to work Monday! The Sopranos
44. Until we meet again. Cheers
45. Shut it down. Coach
46. All right, hey, you've been great! See you in the cafeteria.
The Oprah Winfrey Show
47. The sky's the limit. The Fugitive
48. We've been waiting for you. 24
49. The day the running stopped. Seinfeld
50. Good-bye (spelled in stones). Star Trek: The Next Generation

Answers:  26-M, 27-J, 28-H, 29-E, 30-F, 31-D, 32-B, 33-A, 34-C, 35-K, 36-G, 37-I, 38-L, 39-F, 40-D, 41-B, 42-E, 43-G, 44-H, 45-J, 46-K, 47-L, 48-A, 49-I, 50-C

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