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Will Smith's 50th Birthday Plan: Jump Out of Helicopter

The star will live stream his stunt over the Grand Canyon on YouTube

Actor Will Smith gives the peace sign

Giuseppe Cacace/Getty Images

Giuseppe Cacace/Getty Images

Will Smith plans to set the bar this year for wild 50th birthday celebrations. In lieu of the traditional cake and presents, the Men in Black star wants to bungee jump out of a helicopter over the Grand Canyon.

The stunt, announced at YouTube’s recent Brandcast event where the company offered glimpses of new content coming this year, is called “The Jump Off” and will be live streamed on Smith’s YouTube channel on his actual birthday, Sept. 25, as a charity fund-raising event.

Already a movie star, producer, rapper and more, Smith also has become a YouTube draw; his channel, started only last December, has climbed to 1.8 million subscribers.

Smith was challenged to perform a heli-bungee stunt by Yes Theory, a YouTube channel centered on bringing positivity to life by accepting challenges. In March, Smith posted a video of his own, accepting the challenge under three conditions: one, that it would be for charity; two, that it would happen after he was finished filming a movie project – Gemini Man, for release in 2019 on Netflix – so as not to break his contract; and three, that the stunt occur over the Grand Canyon.

Smith won't be the first notable name to celebrate a milestone birthday by looking for an adrenaline rush. The 41st president, George H.W. Bush, now 93, went skydiving to mark the occasion of his 80th, 85th and 90th birthdays.

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