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'Making Home' Promotes Sustainability

Conservationist and author Sharon Astyk discusses the importance of reducing consumption

Author Sharon Astyk wants people to cut their consumption so that the planet will be more fit for the future. She and her family live on a 27-acre farm in upstate New York that, despite its expanse, requires only about 20 percent as much energy and fuel as the typical American household.

She talks with host Mike Cuthbert about her new book, Making Home, which chronicles her family's efforts toward sustainability, some of which border on the seemingly bizarre. For example, ever consider watering your plants with urine? Using cloth toilet paper?

Making Home Sharon Astyk book

New Society Publishers

Sharon Astyk touts the rewards of living with less.

"We consume about 50 percent more than we would even begin to consume in a world where we cared about the future. The question is where are we going to make our cuts?" Astyk says. "If we don't make some changes, then your kids and grandkids are going to be using a lot worse than cloth toilet paper."

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