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What Would Ben Stein Do?

The modern day pundit shares his advice on almost everything

In his new book, What Would Ben Stein Do, Stein discusses a wide range of topics including politics and marriage. Mr. Stein applies his diverse knowledge and wisdom from his days as a speechwriter for Richard Nixon, to his tough relationship with his mother, to give advice on tackling the many challenges of modern life.

In the video excerpts above, Ben Stein tells why he thinks Nixon was a great president. He also speaks of the importance of communication in a marriage.

To hear the full interview, push the play button on the audio player below.

Book cover: What Would Ben Stein Do

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There so many choices to make in life that Ben Stein has decided to share what he would do in almost any situation. For instance, Mr. Stein would never marry someone who refused to work or had a drug problem. He would not arrive late to an appointment. Those would be horrendous choices. Alternately, he would always choose to treat his wife as the most important person in the world. He would also choose to spend more time listening than talking.

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