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'Pinterest for Dummies' E-book Helps Users Get on Board

How-to guide provides the 411 on the social media site

AARP's new book about Pinterest also explains other aspects of social media. For the online promo story.

Photo by AARP Books

AARP's new book about Pinterest also explains other aspects of social media.

When it comes to social networks, Facebook and Twitter seem to get the most attention. But social media trends move quickly, and these days, there's a new kid on the block that's piquing everyone's interest: Pinterest. Though it's been around since 2010, the social media site has surged in popularity since its iPhone app launched a little more than a year ago.

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Described as a "virtual pinboard" on the site, Pinterest lets users share anything they find interesting around the Web — pictures, videos, stories, recipes, etc. — with friends and followers by "pinning" things to virtual corkboards. Whereas Facebook and Twitter are social engines powered mostly by words — status updates, tweets — Pinterest is more of a visual experience. Instead of telling friends about something you like, you're simply showing them and giving them the chance to learn more if they choose.

If that sounds fun but confusing, you can learn everything you need to know with Pinterest for Dummies, a new e-book from AARP Publications. The book, priced at $1.50 and now available for download through the AARP Bookstore, is a primer for new Pinterest users, offering guidance from the sign-up process to how to create your own Pinterest boards and share them with others.

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If your (p)interest has been sufficiently piqued, download Pinterest for Dummies and start pinning today!