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Living with Heart Disease

Learn everything you need to know to safeguard your health and take control of your life

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Whether you're concerned about heart disease for yourself or someone you love, this book provides vital guidance on enjoying a full and active life. Living with Heart Disease explains why some 700,000 Americans suffer a first heart attack each year—and why 500,000 more have a subsequent attack. Authoritative and packed with resources, the book will enlighten you about every facet of heart disease: its often-preventable causes; its daunting, sometimes debilitating aftermath; and the very real hope that science and medicine now hold out to those who may have experienced a serious cardiac or coronary episode.

Here you will also discover abundant practical advice about living with heart disease on a day-to-day basis, including:

* the most effective drugs to lower cholesterol and blood pressure

* the simple lifestyle changes that can reduce your risk of heart attack

* the lifesaving value of cardiac rehabilitation after a heart attack.

What sort of treatment options are available today? Those are covered in Chapter 6. Which new ones are closest to hitting the market tomorrow? Check out Chapter 8. You'll also find expert advice on everything from diet and exercise to surgical solutions to "alternative" treatments. Rounding out this indispensable handbook are instructions on what to do in a heart-related emergency.

So whether you're eager to safeguard your emotional and sexual health, wondering which lifestyle changes might deflect the onset of heart disease, or anxious to learn which two simple steps are likeliest to help you survive a heart attack, let Living with Heart Disease be your first step on the road to taking charge of your treatment—and reasserting control of your life!