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From Your Grandfather

A gift of memory for my grandchild.

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Whether you're training for a half-marathon, working full time, active in local government, embarking on a new career, or renovating your home, you don't match the grandfather stereotype. You do have something in common with all other grandparents, though, and that's a love of family. So give your grandchildren a treasured expression of that love: the chance to find out more about you.

In addition to forming a key link to family history, you're a fascinating person in your own right. But do your grandchildren know that? Do they know you? Relive the past and reflect on who you are today in this unique journal: pass down details of your childhood and teenage years; document world events and influential figures from your time; reminisce about getting married, becoming a parent, and more.

From Your Grandfather will help you open up a dialogue with the special young people in your life. Fill-in-the-blanks invite you to recall specifics, such as the details of your first job. Broader questions give you more space to write longer, more personal answers.

Because the grandchild is also the star, there are questions designed to inspire you to remember when you first saw your grandchild, reveal what you like best about being a grandparent, and relate how being a grandparent has changed who you are as a person.

This exceptional remembrance book includes plenty of room for displaying your pictures and memorabilia. Use From Your Grandfather to tell your story, strengthening the bond with your grandchildren through the years to come.