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Having Fun As We Age: A Survey of Adult Funstyles

Americans "Really Love" Relationships

"True to the stereotype, men are more likely to say they 'really love' making love (64%) than any other of 12 activities asked about. Men keep this passion well into later life..."

"Women, on the other hand, tend to 'really love' a wider variety of activities than do men, and are more likely to sustain their passions into later life. By a fair margin over other activities asked about, women are most likely to say they love spending time with family (70%). This remains the top passion from age 18 into their later years."

— from the Summary of Findings in Having Fun As We Age: A Survey of Adult Funstyles, exploring how Americans have fun and what they are most passionate about in life. The findings are based on telephone interviews of 2,118 individuals age 18 and over conducted for AARP by RoperASW from June 15 to July 9, 2001.

For more information contact Carol Keegan of AARP Knowledge Management at 202/434-6286. (54 pages)

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