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Making Colors Dance

Be mesmerized by artist Thomas Mason's mosaics that hypnotize with light and color

From a very young age, Thomas “Toby” Mason knew he was an artist. He began with music and later made a career out of photography and video editing. Now, when he’s not immersed in the high-tech electronic world of his profession, he’s pursuing another artistic passion: creating eye-popping stained glass mosaics.

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Unlike most traditional stained glass works that are almost exclusively found in the colossal windows of cathedrals around the world, Mason’s mosaics are much smaller in scale and are meant to be enjoyed in a home; hung on the wall like a painting. And rather than using ordinary pieces of colored glass, he employs a pallet of unique materials like silvered glass, colored mirror and even a glossy color-morphing film to help make his petite but dazzling pieces shine.

My Generation
was invited into the studio of this reflective stained glass mosaic artist to discover the secrets behind his colorful craft.

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