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Tell Us About Your Ageless Friendship

Do you have a close friend who is much older or younger than you? 

Intergenerational group of friends having a cocktail party in their home


Julia Andrews, 76, and her best friend, Dorothy Hamilton, 19 years younger, prove that people of all ages have much to gain from one another.

The two, who met at work, have been close friends for 25 years. Despite Hamilton being the same age as Andrews’ daughter, the women travel together, enjoy girls’ nights out, and spend holidays at each other’s home. They say they understand each other and that their unique openhearted connection has caused their age differences to quickly melt away.

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"Dorothy's actions have always spoken louder than her words. She loves my entire family and we love her family as well,” Andrews said, adding that Hamilton treats her as if she were decades younger. “I like that because it helps to keep me feeling young."

Although many people gravitate toward those in their own age group when it comes to making good friends, a friendship spanning different generations can offer a beneficial contrast in perspectives on life as well as an array of other rich rewards.

Are you close friends with someone outside your age range? What impact has that friendship had on your life? We want to tell the stories of men and women who don’t let age stand in the way of friendship.

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