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Ageist Alert! Justice for Generation Screwed

  • From newspapers to pantyhose to human relationships, millennials are killing … everything?! Ageist Alert gets real … — Izabela Habur/Getty Images

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  • Housing Ban for the Boomerang Bunch

    How can millennials get out of their parents’ basement if no one will rent to them? CBS News Toronto reports on a couple in their early 20s — with a combined income of $80,000 — who were denied an apartment due to being young and supposedly irresponsible. Hipster housing is a right!
    — Istock

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  • Worker Unwanted

    Want work done? “Don’t hire a millennial,” said Michael Levin in the Daily News. Nope, they are all overprivileged and undermotivated. Reality check: Millennials now make up one-third of the U.S. workforce. Is the real problem here these young folks or the (wo)man in the mirror? — Getty Images

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  • Vacation Villains

    Some say millennials don’t work hard enough, while others feel that they work too hard! According to a article, millennials who don't use their time off “vacation-shame” colleagues who want their downtime. The Go-Go’s said it best: “Vacation, all I ever wanted. Vacation, had to get away!        — Getty Images

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  • The Gratuitous Indoors

    The new CBS sitcom, The Great Indoors, pokes fun at youth — but the one-note millennial mockery falls flat in the time it takes to post a puppy meme. Having a grouchy middle-aged man make fun of the cliché of overprivileged 20-somethings doesn’t do anyone any favors — and presumably the ratings will bear that out. LMFAO.
    — CBS

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  • Et Tu, Google?

    When you type “Millennials are … ” into Google’s search engine, it automatically supplies choices for “the worst, broke and entitled.” Ouch. How about, “Millennials are ... trying to make it in a post 9/11, slow-growing economy, student-debt-laden world and haven’t gotten a chance to find their voice or define their purpose.” Millennials are … TBD (to be defined).    

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  • Hurried-Up Hoops!

    The NBA is considering shortening games because millennials can’t pay attention for four 12-minute quarters. What?!?! Short attention spans are not generational — Mom, put your phone down. MOM. Cutting game time for tweet time = no “net” gain.
    — Getty Images  

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  • Let’s Hear It for the Girl

    While she may not know or care, poor Lena Dunham has taken a drubbing for the un-asked-for honor of representing MillenniaLand. Not diverse enough, too narrow, privileged, overreaching…. People, it’s a TV show, and Lena Dunham’s a writer. Just let girls be Girls
    — Getty Images  

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  • Rental Rip-Off

    Hit the road, Jack? Not so fast. Many car rental companies charge more for drivers under 25 — regardless of their driving records. And some outright refuse to rent cars to drivers under 21. So the choice is between the road less traveled or the road to nowhere. Yeesh.
    — Getty Images    

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  • Raise a Glass, Not a Beer Bong

    In Europe, teen drinking is not scandalous or inappropriate. In fact, youngsters typically start drinking with their parents. Au contraire, American young adults resort to fake IDs, pregaming and binge drinking if they’re not 21. Not allowing people old enough to vote and serve in the military to drink responsibly seems a little tipsy. At least states like California, Minnesota and New Hampshire are considering lowering the drinking age.
    — Istock

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  • Let It Snow?

    Last year “snowflake generation” was one of
    Collins English Dictionary's words-of-the-year, describing millennials as “less resilient and more prone to taking offense than previous generations.” Internet commenters have shoveled lots of snowflakes since then to express disdain for these young people who have an intrinsic belief they are special and unique, like, um ... you know what.    — Getty Images

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