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Our Favorite Style Bloggers — and They’re All Over 50!

Sorting through the savviest style blogs with a fine-toothed stiletto, we found our favorites — women who combine trend-setting style with a lust for life

  • Mel Kobayashi
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    Style blogs have become the de rigueur format for modish mavens to flaunt their fashion sense, personal style and trendy taste. Age 50-plus women are not just following the trend, they’re leading the charge. The best blogs are as much about attitude as style, driven by big personalities offering their own inspiring brands of artistry, humor, advice and damn cool looks — like Melanie from Bag and a Beret shown above. Here are our favorite bold and beautiful bloggers.
    — Melanie Kobayashi  

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  • Older fashionable woman in sunglasses

    SENIOR STYLE BIBLE, Dorrie Jacobson,

    Holy moly, this 80-year-old style goddess is a testament to on-trend taste. Dorrie Jacobson’s beautifully polished website is a paean to “ageless attitude,” which she rules with her neon nails and chic ’70s shades. Her writing is as sharp as her style, and she comments on everything from decluttering closets to double denim, from stripes to senior sexuality. As a former Playboy bunny and model, Dorrie’s frank, funny attitude and sage advice is everything. Dorrie says, “Old is the new black. We say, “Old is the new bold.” 
    — Jodi Jacobson

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  • Woman sitting on stone bench outside

    BAG AND A BERET, Melanie Kobayashi,

    “Style, Comedy, Art” is Melanie Kobayashi’s tagline, and it’s definitely how she lives her life. Melanie is that cool, kooky, arty kid you wanted to be in high school, and now she’s all grown up. But she didn’t hang up her high-tops and vintage velvet for sensible suits and sweater sets. Instead she’s a full-blown pixie punk with amazing street style and an eye for the offbeat. Her sassy site is full of personal witticisms and Virginia Woolf quotes: an inspirational message to women everywhere to embrace life, be bold and shop at Goodwill.

    — Melanie Kobayashi

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  • Back of a woman walking down a large sidewalk

    LOOK FOR THE WOMAN, Anita Irlen,

    Viva la evolution! Anita Irlen’s site is smart, strong, sexy and loaded with literary references — a call to (well-decorated) arms and advice on what slinky lingerie to wear to the revolution.  
    With her strong-woman narrative and photo-journalism style, Irlen acts as the lens seeking out women in various situations. “The 50-plus woman of today is changing. I can help you figure her out.” Her sleek site acts as book club, a style bible, and, with it’s Shop Slow Fashion link, a personal shopper. We also love her hashtag #disruptaging!

    — Anita Irlen

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  • Style Bloggers

    ACCIDENTAL ICON, Lyn Slater,

    Through her polished and intelligent blog, professor and fashion icon Lyn Slater, a unique beauty who looks like Anna Wintour meets Tilda Swinton, has garnered a multi-generational following. Her brilliant “Weekend Fashion Bibliography” feature includes Fashion History, Art, Designers, Runway and more. She started her blog to speak to “women (like me) who are not famous or celebrities, but who are smart, creative, fashion-forward, fit, thoughtful, engaged, related and most importantly, clear and comfortable with who they are.” She certainly is, and we’re happy to be lectured to.

    — Calvin Lom

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  • Woman standing with hands on her hips

    THAT’S NOT MY AGE, Alyson Walsh,

    Author of Style Forever, the Grown-Up Guide to Looking Fabulous, (and a Stella McCartney lookalike) Alyson Walsh presents fun but sophisticated fashion, street style, products and people from across the pond. Modeling many of her colorful (or should I say “colourful”) looks herself as well as photographing other style icons and inspirers, her message is: “It’s not about age,  it’s about style. And this is for every woman who refuses to be invisible.” 

    — Dvora  

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  • Style Bloggers

    SARAMAIJEWELS, Sara Jane Adams, Instagram

    A 61-year-old artist, traveler, jewelry designer and model, Sara Jane Adams — whose hashtag is #mywrinklesaremystripes — has 144,000 followers on Instagram who tune in to her Daily Diary to see her latest looks: a mix of vintage and street, often shot in exotic locations.  

    Asked “Do you have a blog?” Adams replies, “Yes, I do, and it’s my Insta account. My messages are within the images.” Asked just what is the message, she replies: “For me, it’s all about attitude. Sometimes it’s done with clothes, sometimes with a finger.…” Gotcha!

    — David Taylor

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  • Style Bloggers

    STYLELIKEU, Elisa Goodkind and Lily Mandelbaum,

    The mother-daughter team of Elisa and Lily created their blog, Stylelikeu, to promote their message of “self-acceptance through style.” The compelling site consists of several video sections that document a diverse selection of “real people with original style” talking about their lives, including the popular “What’s Underneath” section. They tell their stories as they disrobe to their underwear. Mother and daughter also bare their souls, style and skivvies and have a new book coming out called True Style is What's Underneath: The Self-Acceptance Revolution. They’re a disruptive duo!
    — Sloan Laurits

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  • Fashionista

    Fashionista Over 40, Evelyn Irvin,

    The self-proclaimed “Latina Fashionista” is a personal shopper for “women of style and elegance.” Modeling her fabulous taste, Irvin tells her readers where to find the gold boots, destroyed jeans or sexy sunglasses she’s wearing, a lifesaver (and time-saver) for those of us who hate to shop! To her “Outfit of the Day,” we say “Olé!”

    — Mark Irvin

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  • Older fashionable woman in bright blue hat and elbow-length gloves

    STYLE CRONE, Judith Boyd,

    Style Crone has the cheerful upbeat aura of its creator, Judith, a former ER nurse who used fashion as her meditation. Judith lovingly documents her colorful outfits and shapely chapeaus. One section of the blog, titled Hat Attack, is dedicated to modish millinery as an homage to a person or a place. The Denver Diva has proudly reclaimed the word “crone” to mean a woman of a certain age who “embodies all her life’s wisdom, knowledge, experience, and love.” Hats off, Style Crone!
    — Daniel Nolan

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  • Debra Rappoport

    DEBRA RAPOPORT, debrarapoport,

    We end with a fabulous roar. Lifelong New Yorker, artist and TED talker Debra Rapoport uses city life as her inspiration and style as her strength, creating amazing wearable art (paper towel hats!), videos and recycled fashions. As a muse to Ari Seth Cohen and an inspiration for Advanced Style, Rapoport is a whirlwind of creativity, throwing parties, healing through style and being a Disruptress Extraordinaire. “At 70, with courage and confidence, I feel that possibilities are endless,” she says, displaying her inventive life online as proof.
    — Denton Taylor

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