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Remember When 'Cannabis' Was a No-No?

And sex toys, menopause and all the other formerly off-limit topics. Taboos be gone!

  • Taboos Marijuana


    We’ve come a long way, baby! Adults who grew up sneaking tokes are now open about their smokes, and as marijuana becomes more acceptable (and legal!), parents and their grown offspring are lighting up together. Smoke sensitive? Now you can vape, drink, eat or even use a CBD (cannbidial)-laced lotion. Puff the magic dragon would be jealous.

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  • Taboos Menopause


    Hot news flash! Women are no longer embarrassed to open windows, turn up the AC and joke about midlife mood swings as menopause (and its predecessor, perimenopause, which the ladies are calling out earlier and louder) becomes an accepted fact of life and not a topic of shame. It even has its own hit show: Menopause, the Musical. Sing out, Louise!

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  • Disrupt Taboos

    Nursing Home Intimacy

    “You get old, not cold” says a worker at one of the many nursing homes where sex and romance among residents are supported and even encouraged. Rest homes are setting up senior prom nights, dating services for elders looking for love and sexual expression policies. Talk about friends with (Social Security) benefits!

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  • Disrupt Taboos

    Online Dating

    People used to be ashamed to admit they’d met online but now meeting via is as acceptable as finding love the old-fashioned way and, with profiles and filters, you certainly have more chance for chemistry than being set up by Aunt Martha. It’s a chance for the shy to shine — just post an honest photo so you can be OK Cupid and not No Way, Stupid.

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  • Disrupt Taboos

    Sex Toys

    From vibrators at Vermont country stores to city walking tours stopping at erotica shops, sex toys are coming out of the closet. No longer considered naughty, over half of all couples admit to using gadgets kinky, slinky and winky, and vibrators have become de rigeur in many women’s bedstands. Now a $15B industry, the sex toy is out of the box and no longer shocks.

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  • Disrupt Taboos

    Single Motherhood

    Far from the days when unwed mothers were sent off to relatives in the country, hidden from view and ostracized in their communities, women (and men!) who chose to have children and create loving families on their own are celebrated and supported. Proud celebrity single moms, like Sandra Bullock and Hoda Kotb, are all touting the joys of spawning solo!

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  • taboo bathroom


    Whether it’s stopping to cross your legs before you sneeze or trampoline terror, women’s leakage problems are no longer a stain of shame — literally. With the invention of fashionable pee-proof panties and celebrity incontinence product endorsements, the era of furtively scurrying to the Depends section is over. Go with the flow!

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  • taboo  hair


    Gone are the days of frightening comb-overs, “power donuts” and spray-the-bald-away products as more men embrace their natural hair loss and do a total top crop. They’re liberating their thinning pate and going for the gold, the bold and the bald, joining sexy celebs like Samuel L. Jackson, Vin Diesel and Jason Statham. Bald is beautiful!

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  • taboo  wind sock

    Erectile Dysfunction

    As the joke goes: What’s the difference between your first honeymoon and your second? The first is Niagara and the second is Viagra. As embarrassing as erectile dysfunction can be, in the age of (highly advertised) Viagra and Cialis, many men are taking a more light-hearted approach to it. You’d be "hard up" to find a man who doesn't appreciate the quick fix that comes in that magic pill.

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  • taboo  botox


    While most folks won’t confess to a major nip-and-tuck, going in for a bit of Botox on the brow or a Restylane rejuvenation has become as run-of-the-mill as tooth whitening or root retouching. Extreme duck lips or frozen faces aside, the stigma of injectables is a thing of the past; don’t look surprised ... because you can’t.

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  • taboo  pregnancy test


    As the number of twins and triplets balloons in playgrounds around the country and we give up our seat on the bus to women who are both pregnant AND elderly, it’s pretty obvious IVF now stands for It’s Very Frequent. No longer something couples hide from friends and family, infertility is now common dinner table conversation for men and women from 30 to 50. Pass the clomid!

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  • taboo  Money


    Millennials are breaking the salary-secrecy norms of past generations. Used to sharing — well — everything, 20-somethings are more forthcoming with their coworkers (and the world) about how much bacon they’re bringing home — and it’s giving them some weight at the bargaining table. While we don’t recommended you post your pay on Pinterest, wage wisdom can be power.

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