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Questioning the way we think about aging and sparking conversations that help people disrupt aging in their own lives. 

Have you ever been told 'you're too old for that'? Buy your copy of Disrupt Aging today, and let’s start changing the conversation about aging.

Feminism and Sexuality

Cross Talk: A Heated Convo on Feminism and Sexuality
Do feminism and sexual empowerment look the same for boomers and millennials? Find out...


What If Your Old Age Home Was Like an Episode of “Friends?"
When I asked my friends where they saw themselves in 20, 30 years, the responses were different, but the sentiment was the same: together!

Taboos Marijuana

Remember When 'Cannabis' Was a No-No?
And sex toys, menopause and all the other formerly off-limit topics. Taboos be gone!

Age You Instantly

9 Statements That Age You Instantly
We thought it was imperative to tell you to refrain from saying or thinking these terrible, unhealthy things as soon as possible

sex and death

Sex as a Death-Defying Act
I keep thinking I’m done having sex with other people. I keep being wrong

TV, Disrupt Aging

Top 9 Shows to Watch on Netflix — With the Whole Fam
What to watch on Netflix with the whole fam

mother daughter cooking together

8 Reasons Why I Won’t Become My Mom, and 8 Reasons Why I Just May
Like Mother, like daughter — no, no, surely this isn’t happening to me!m, and

Sir Ian McKellen

Five 'Old' Celebrities Who Refuse to Act Their Age
He’s a Gen Xer who thought he had older generations figured out. But then Ian McKellen stroked his calves