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Voguish Valentines

Advanced Style’s Ari Cohen shares his love of fashionable couples — wearing their hearts on their stylishly synched sleeves.

  • Advanced Style: Older & Wiser

    These daring duos — decked out in a happy harmony of synchronized styles — have stolen our hearts away for Valentine’s Day. Who are these cool couples in dovetail feathers and furs, coordinating colors and paired-up plaids? In his book Advanced Style: Older & Wiser, photographer Ari Seth Cohen has captured these modish lovebirds — who hail from London and Japan to Harlem and Rome — settling into their styles and reflecting each others fashion: body and soul.

    Above, Bill and Eva Korbus-Webb, a sophisticated couple from Harlem, N.Y., invoke a swirl of culture in their theatrical style.


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  • Advanced Style: Older & Wiser

    This coordinated couple from Kobe, Japan, with their playfully muted style, look like they arrive naturally at the breakfast table each morning in their individual, but complementary, look for the day.  

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  • Advanced Style: Older & Wiser

    The closets of Orren David Jordan and Robert Parker must be a nonstop party of prints and patterns, full of bold, bright colors and festive, festive, festive. No wonder they’re all smiles! 

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  • Advanced Style: Older & Wiser

    In their top hat and coat and tulle topping, this elegant Easter Sunday pair are the tops. Sporting a Savile Row suit and sable stole, they are the pride of the Easter Parade. Eggs-ellent

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  • Advanced Style: Older & Wiser

    When Magda and Raul step out in the Upper East Side of Manhattan, Raul is happy to let his lovely lady shine in pop-out pink and a dramatic chiffon chapeau. Olé! 

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  • Advanced Style: Older & Wiser

    With a splash of the Southwest, Mort and Ginny Linder share an understanding of funky fashion. They invoke patterns, pottery and a passion for their mutual personal style.

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  • Advanced Style: Older & Wiser

    Setting a Mediterranean mood, this crisp couple in Rome, in their matching fedoras and navy and white look, say, “amore.” Che bello!

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  • Advanced Style: Older & Wiser

    Sunday in sneakers and spots. This happy polka-dotted pair were “spotted” on the Upper East Side — looking loving and lovely in linen and light blue.  

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  • Advanced Style: Older & Wiser

    Merrily mismatched but completely compatible, Gai Gerard and Rhonda Saboff are the picture of playfulness in their colorful cacophony of plaids, prints and styles. No safe words here!

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  • Advanced Style: Older & Wiser

    Don’t you want to drink artisanal brews and shop for shabby-chic clothes and vintage tees with this tattooed twosome? West Coast couple Ann and Bill Valdez are too cool for school. 

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    Photos by Ari Seth Cohen from Advanced Style: Older & Wiser.

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