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Hollywood and Ageism

Let’s “disrupt” past practices and embrace the value of seasoned, older actors. Things are changing — but not fast enough.

Have you ever been told 'you're too old for that'? Buy your copy of Disrupt Aging today, and let’s start changing the conversation about aging.


Are you an age disruptor? - AARP Disrupt Aging
Glenn Close at The Toronto Internatioal Film Festival

Glenn Close Blasts Ageism in Hollywood

The actress says 'you keep your sexuality until you die'

Disrupt Aging Glossary - Meryl Streep

Live From the Red Carpet: An Age Glossary

Hollywood has its own idiosyncratic, insular vocabulary — especially when it comes to describing actors and actresses of various ages


Actor Miles Teller

Too Young for Hollywood at 29?
What’s worse than staying in a perpetual purgatory of high school and hormones? Aging while you’re there. After six years and 15 films, Miles Teller, 29, seeks to convince critics and audiences — he’s an adult!

Carol Burnett and Amy Poehler

Encore! Bringing Back the Great Carol Burnett
Give more women of a certain age the career-reviving roles they deserve!


IMDb Ruling for Age Equality — a Step in the Wrong Direction?
New legislation that requires the removal of an actor’s age from entertainment sites unintentionally furthers the ageist elephant in the Hollywood room: Why are we denying our age?

Viola Davis SAG Awards 2015

Viola Davis Kills It at SAG Award
Fans were glued to their screens as the How to Get Away With Murder star won a Screen Actors Guild award for best female actress and took the opportunity to call out Hollywood for ageism and racism in an unforgettable speech.


Kathy Griffin

Funny Girl Kathy Griffin Is Tired of Being in a Man’s World
Primetime TV is a desert for female actors of a certain age, but this sassy comedian isn’t laying down to pasture just yet — OK?

The Unstoppable Norman Lear

The Unstoppable Norman Lear
The legendary 94-year old creator of some of the best sitcoms of all time is aging with gusto — and creating new work about his “under-represented” demographic for TV. Don’t miss the video — and bring tissues.

Sarah Silverman

Hollywood and Ageism – 6 Powerful Actresses Roar!
The movement is growing. Six actresses, including Charlize Theron and Sarah Silverman, call Hollywood out.

Emily Blunt and Tom Cruise

How Men Stay ‘Forever Young’ in Hollywood
Hollywood’s eternal silver fox: The act of coupling older men with younger women. A new study reveals how male actors in Tinseltown age through their on-screen romances. Or, pardon us, make that don’t age.