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Living 100

What you do after 50, can be just as amazing as what you’ve done before 30.

The New Normal: A Very Different Spin on the Possibilities of Life

As seen here, the new 100-year expectancy span allows many choices for our longer, healthier lives

Welcome to an Urban Oasis With the Longest Life Expectancy

What is it about Hong Kong that enables people to live a healthier lifestyle?

mature woman in a boxing gym

Too Lazy to Exercise? It’s Not Too Late!
You can still reap the benefits of a healthier heart and arteries — if you start now!

woman holding a change purse

How Do You Plan Financially for a Longer Life?
We may be underestimating how long we will live and overestimating how long our money will last.

Group Photo, Volunteer Disrupt Aging

Life Is Much Sweeter (and Longer) When You Have Purpose
Give your life meaning, and you will stay more physically fit. The powers of mental health!


Hipster with beard and tattoos

I Was a Gay Activist — My Secrets for Fighting Ageism
The gay liberation drove me to be reactive first — and to survive discrimination. 

close up of a senior asian woman

Why South Koreans Will Live Longer Than Most Americans
As rich countries become world leaders in life expectancy, the U.S. lags behind.



mature woman holding a diploma at graduation

Back to School — at 50! 
Old-school no longer cuts it. Age 50-plus workers are pursuing higher education to update skills and facilitate a career change.

rear view mirror and open road as seen from front seat of car

Reflection, Transformation — and a Bit of Fear
One man’s thoughts on living to 100 and the opportunity for reinvention.

strong female swimmer

Don’t Workout Like You Are in Your 20s — ‘Cause You’re Not
Yamuna Zake, a fitness guru, shares tips on the best workouts to incorporate into your routine, depending on your age.