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Living 100

What you do after 50, can be just as amazing as what you’ve done before 30.

Are you an age disruptor? - AARP Disrupt Aging

At Age 100, a Dancer Helps Black Girls Pursue Ballet

Therrell Smith helps them overcome barriers and develop spiritual growth

Don’t Workout Like You’re in Your 20s — ‘Cause You’re Not

Yamuna Zake, a fitness guru, shares tips on the best workouts to incorporate into your routine, depending on your age

More older couples prefer living together versus the shackles of marriage

Getting Married at 65? Whatever For?
More older couples prefer living together versus the shackles of marriage.

Disrupt_Handmaids tale

Hollywood’s Not-So-Young Comeback Kids
Before the megahit The Handmaid’s Tale, these two producers, 87 and 70, had literally hung up their careers. And then Hulu called…

Artificial Immortality

Artificial Immortality. Is it Possible?
A son tries to give his dying father a digital afterlife

Life Expectancy

Life Expectancy Is Increasing. But Are Your Finances?
Financial models will have to drastically change for the long road ahead. Are you ready?

Man holding umbrella for woman

Ready for a City of 100-Year-Olds?
Nope — and the economic benefits could be huge if we were. It’s time for cities, communities and companies to deal!


Find a Purpose in Life — You’ll Live Longer
A reason to get up in the morning will make you stronger and fitter


What’s Your Ideal Place to Grow Older? It May be This City…
Biking, affordable housing in walking neighborhoods – these are a few of the key things our elders need to thrive. You’ll be surprised to see just which cities are ahead of the curve…


Going to the Chapel and We’re …
… Gonna get married. Best part: Gertrude, 98, and Allen, 94, met at the gym