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Living to 100

The Longevity Catchup

The Longevity Catch Up series is a cross-generational set of interviews that is focused on redefining what society, particularly in the music, sports and entertainment industry, views as “retirement” in an era of increased longevity.

It explores more deeply the issues of aging, health, wealth and redefining oneself and the tools needed to match one’s aspirations in health and wealth if living to 100 becomes more of a reality, hosted by Bill Bellamy.


Al B. Sure!

R&B legend turned radio personality Al B. Sure! reflects on how one’s physical and mental well-being are integral to living a longer, healthier life.

DeAngelo Hall

Former pro-football player DeAngelo Hall shares tips for building the right foundation for life after an intense career like professional football.

LeToya Luckett

R&B singer and actress LeToya Luckett shares the importance of early financial planning as critical to health and establishing generational wealth.