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Beauty and Aging: A Conversation with Leading Experts 

SeeMe Beauty and Disrupt Aging teamed up to host a round table event moderated by Michelle Lee, editor in chief of Allure. Watch here for an honest conversation about beauty and aging in our world today, debunking myths and challenging stereotypes. 

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Menopause: From “Hot” to “Whole”

It is not always easy to talk about the positive side effects of getting older—especially with women who feel their bodies are trying to betray them, and when media tends to focus on the negatives.

But we can have a conversation about why it’s important to at least consider both the pros and the cons.

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This is the First Step to Aging Beautifully

Sometimes it’s hard to be positive about aging -- especially when we make the huge mistake of comparing our current selves to our younger selves -- which can fan the flames of fear and doubt about getting older, stopping us in our tracks, and keeping us from living our best lives. But, here are some actionable ways we can embrace positive aging and kick those feelings right out of our lives.

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You are Not Alone

When I was thirteen, I got my period. My mom had been waiting for this moment for years and she was prepared--pads, new panties, and a vaginal douche. But my perimenopause years had no preparation tools or celebratory moment and when it arrived, I felt alone, lost and lacked information. My story is your story.

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Everyday Age Disruptors

Too Old For a Career You Love? Oh Hell No!

Actress and comic reclaims the career she loves