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The AARP Public Policy Institute analyzes and publishes a wide range of state-specific data related to Americans 50+. See below to get all PPI data on a specific state.


State Research

State Preventive Care Rankings for Midlife Adults

Customize state-level prevention and health risk factor data to rank states and examine disparities as well as compare state performance to national averages and national target rates.


Importance of Social Security and Medicare by State

The number of seniors who count on Social Security for much of their retirement income; the percentage of middle income seniors kept out of poverty by Social Security; number of state Medicare beneficiaries; and the role of Social Security and Medicare in the state economy.


Across the States 2012: Profiles of Long-term Services and Supports
The ninth edition of PPI’s state LTSS reference report presents comparable state and national data for more than 140 indicators, drawn from a wide variety of sources.

Raising Expectations: A State Scorecard on Long-Term Services and Supports

Data on affordability and access to care, quality of care and quality of life, choice of setting and providers, and support for family caregivers.

State Housing Profiles

Households by race, type, family make-up, and incidence of disabilities. Characteristics of occupied units.

Quick Health Facts 2012: State Data on Older Americans

Demographic data, health expenditures and financing, health status, Medicare enrollment, utilization and quality of services, access to care.

Impact of the Recession on Long-term Services and Supports by State, 2010

Data on non-Medicaid services, Medicaid long-term services and supports (LTSS), LTSS expenditures and provider payment rates, and state priorities.

State Economic, Demographic and Fiscal Indicators

Economic indicators, population and poverty data, income distribution, state and local revenues, taxes and rates, state and local expenditures.

Energy and Telephone Assistance in the States

Lifeline, linkup phone assistance. Low-Income Home Energy Assistance, Weatherization Assistance Programs and utility rate assistance.

State Estimates of the Economic Value of Family Caregiving

Number of caregivers, economic value of caregiving, economic value relative to level of Medicaid spending.


State-Specific Data

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