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AARP Says Thank You to Our Health Care Heroes

Share how you've expressed appreciation to those helping us fight the coronavirus

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Nurses, doctors, health care workers and family caregivers are on the front lines caring for people with COVID-19. These everyday heroes are often separated from their families and are risking their own health to battle the deadly coronavirus. AARP's new Thank You campaign wants to recognize these dedicated workers and share our — and your — gratitude for a job well done.

Bob Stephen, AARP's vice president of caregiving and health, says that professional health care workers are not the only ones going the extra mile during this difficult time — family caregivers have had to step up in new and different ways.

"We saw that a significant number of family members are really being called into action for this because not everyone who has COVID-19 is going to go to the hospital; the vast majority are being cared for at home,” says Stephen. “And so, we are recognizing that family caregivers are unsung heroes as well. What they're going through is tough, but really without them, our health care system would be even more overwhelmed."

To participate, send photos and/or videos of what you and your family (in self-quarantine) are doing to show your appreciation to

Please include your full name, location, email address and description of the image/video by May 8, and your submission may be selected to be used in an AARP Thank You project.

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